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We aim to connect the unconnected, whether it be governments, the United Nations, NGOs, or families who have survived a crisis. Friends of Telecom without Borders supports the mission of the international NGO Télécoms sans Frontières (TSF), the world’s leading emergency telecommunications organization.

For many families adjusting to the most challenging of conditions, their mobile phones represent the only way of communicating with the world.

Hearing your loved ones’ voice when you are at your most vulnerable can give considerable psychological relief. Beyond informing them of your condition, a simple telephone call can establish a sense of reassurance to allow people to make informed decisions and properly assess the choices they need to make.


Individual donations are essential for our missions and allow us to strengthen our ongoing programs. Your donation helps us to promote the responsible and inclusive use of new technologies. By adapting them to each humanitarian context, our programs contribute to improving the living conditions of our beneficiaries, without discrimination of any kind.


Organizations, local authorities, and institutional donors are invaluable supporters. TSF is committed to maintaining the quality and diversity of its partners, both public and private, to ensure its independence.


Télécoms Sans Frontières has fostered partnerships with international companies to guarantee its full independence in the implementation of its actions and programs. Private funding represents 87% of the association’s resources. The diversity of these partners allows TSF to be free from any political, religious, or other influences.


Thanks to 20 years of experience in the field, TSF’s high-skilled technical team adapts and tweaks existing tools to respond to different crises and beneficiaries’ needs in the ever evolving humanitarian context. From its early days, the culture of first emergency response has been core to TSF’s identity, but they have grown and evolved as the role of technologies in emergencies has expanded.

In parallel to this core activity, TSF also develops, adapts, and makes available innovative and cost-effective solutions to assist migrants, refugees, displaced people and other disadvantaged communities in different areas, including education, healthcare, women’s rights and food security.

Since 1998, TSF has responded to over 140 crises in more than 70 countries providing communication means to over 20 million people and nearly 1,000 NGOs.


Emergency interventions following natural or man-made disaster are TSF’s core field of intervention. Our team can deploy anywhere in the world in less than 24 hours to help the local population as well as give support to other humanitarian actors present in the field.

Humanitarian calling operations, Ambulant Wi-Fi, TSF Emergency call centre (TECC), Support to humanitarian coordination…

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Training workshops for NGOs and governments on the use of technology for humanitarian response.

UNDAC & ASEAN Coordination and assessment, ICT trainings for relief workers, Post-emergency trainings, Enhanced Response Capacity Building…

How do we prepare?


Educational projects supported by ICT tools to help boost schooling in emergency contexts.

mLearning Kit, Extra curricular activities, Introduction to computers, Digital educational classroom, Technical Clubs, Skills Belts…

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TSF supports isolated communities with the use of ICT tools as a motor for local development.

Access to digital tools in community centers, Cybercafes, Introduction to computers, Digital holiday activities, Data collection…



Tailor innovative tools to humanitarian contexts and to the constraints of the field, in order to respond to specific needs and to empower communities.

Humanitarian Information Display System, Mobile Information System, ToIP, High Density Wi-Fi Services…


Friends of Telecom without Borders is a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We support the mission of the international NGO Télécoms sans Frontières (TSF), the world’s leading emergency telecommunications organization.

TSF is a member of the United Nations Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (UNETC), a partner of the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and a member of the US State Department’s Advisory Committee on International Communications and Information Policy.

Whether you are a company, a foundation, a local authority, a public institution, a private individual, or an academic institution, your support will allow TSF to amplify the impact of emergency response missions and of long-term development projects. Your generosity can take the form of financial sponsorship, skills-based support, financial donations, volunteering, or organization of fundraising events.

Visit the global TSF site for more information.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss corporate opportunities please reach out to Paul Margie at

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